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Episode 48 - Piety and Magical Work - Theurgy

Episode 48 - Piety and Magical Work - Theurgy

April 30, 2020
Theurgy! We discuss how our piety and our magical work intersect, and how the relationships we build deepen and build our work. We talk a bit about the differences between Theurgy and Thaumaturgy, some of the academic reactions to theurgic magic, and the place of hierophany (and epiphany of the sacred) in our work.

Also, here's a link to an article mentioned: "Why Chaos Magicians Are Such A**holes"
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Episode 47 - Tools, Their Uses, and How We Work With Them

Episode 47 - Tools, Their Uses, and How We Work With Them

April 22, 2020
Do you need to have tools to do our work? What kinds of tools should you have? What kinds of tools have we always heard we'd need, and never found a use for?
We discuss making tools, trading tools, and the types of tools that we work with. We talk about how we choose how to create tools, and our processes for that creation.  Of particular interest in this discussion is the co-creation of our bell branches at Summerland 2019.
A sickle and bell branch
[If you can't see the image of the sickle and bell branch discussed in this episode, visit us on Podbean to see this description with the image.]
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Episode 46 - Funerals & Death Experiences

Episode 46 - Funerals & Death Experiences

April 16, 2020

Another content warning this week, where we talk about the process of working funerals, including some discussion of funerals for pets, children, and miscarriages. It's not the bulk of the episode, but it's not insignificant.

How we wish we were going to Trillium this year, but we're not, alas. This is another episode from recording on our way to Harvest Nights Gathering last year.

We often say, "Priestwork is marrying and burying people," so today's episode is the other side of the coin from last week. We talk about the planning process, the variety of types of people we have to manage these passages for, and how we navigate the experience.

It's worth noting that this episode is a lot about how we have experienced our role as Priests, rather than about the functional aspects of writing funerals, though those come up as well. We also talk about options for what you can do if you're away from the funeral, or if the funeral for your loved one was problematic for you.

Melissa Hill did the ritual work that is mentioned around Rev. Avende's cat. She does amazing and powerful ritual and artwork, and you should find her on Patreon.

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Episode 45 - Weddings: Scripting & Stories

Episode 45 - Weddings: Scripting & Stories

April 9, 2020

First, a quick warning: we know a lot of folks have had to postpone weddings in our current situation; this episode is very much about the joy of creating, planning, and working weddings, so we want you to know about this episode's content, since it can be pretty fresh for some folks. That said, though this was recorded before our current Stay-At-Home life, we did talk about how to manage people who cannot be present at a wedding, whether because they are ancestors, or perhaps they are unable to come (around the 29:30 mark). We hope you're able to join us for the full podcast now, or in the future.

Informal weddings where things are decided 10 minutes before the ceremony, Welcome to Night Vale-themed weddings, and traditional white weddings: these are all things we've done! We talk about what it was like to do some of the fun weddings we've done, how we manage to come up with a script, and how we manage some of the archaic customs that have been given to us over the years.

We talk about ways to make handfasting cords (and people to buy them from: check out The Pagan Peddler or The Magical Druid) and how to "block" a handfasting, plus other modules that you can add to your own weddings and handfastings. Blessing cups, omens, destroying and retrieving rings, and many more ideas come up from our experiences. We also talk about how to manage patriarchy and women-as-property traditions, as well as how to take lore and pull it into a wedding ritual (speaking specifically of Beowulf and Enright's exploration in his book "Lady With a Mead Cup").

This is a bit longer than our usual podcast (we have a lot to say on this subject, it seems), but it all fit nicely as one episode.

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Episode 44 - How Do I Pagan Better?

Episode 44 - How Do I Pagan Better?

April 2, 2020

There are lots of things that we can all do to improve our work. Rev. Avende and Rev. Dangler tackle some of their own internal critiques and bounce ideas off of each other. They discuss what they feel they can get better at in ritual, and offer solutions to each other as well.

Recorded on the way to Harvest Nights Gathering in 2019 (and dealing with tolls along the way), we are back in full swing for the festival season, even if the festival season is mostly delayed due to Stay-At-Home orders. We're here for you, though, and we're gathering ideas for how to make this a bit easier for everyone.

And remember, both Rev. Avende and Rev. Dangler are building content to help you stay connected. Feel free to reach out, or find their Patreons: Rev. Avende | Rev. Dangler

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Episode 43 - Season 3 Intro: An Essential Mission

Episode 43 - Season 3 Intro: An Essential Mission

April 1, 2020

You may have heard by now that most of the early season festivals have been cancelled, including the Trillium Gathering, where we usually start our season.

Well, it turns out that even though we can't actually go to festivals, we recorded a large number of episodes on the way to Harvest Nights Gathering late last year. So, we have a back catalog from a simpler time that we can all enjoy listening to during this rather difficult period.

This intro was recorded during a mission to obtain the constituent parts of a garden for Rev. Avende, during which we maintained our social distances and respected the space of others. But we happened to be in a car, going to a place, and so we were able to record this short intro to the coming year.

We're both doing a lot of work to help bridge the physical gap, from a recent Spring Equinox Rite on Facebook Live, to Zoom rituals and individualized works on Facebook and Patreon. We talk about some of that work in the podcast episode today.

If you're looking for our Patreons, you can find them here: Rev. Avende's Patreon | Rev. Dangler's Patreon

If you're interested in donating to Three Cranes Grove, ADF, while we all get through this together, you can do that at threecranes.org/donate.

Festivals will start again (we're still hoping Summerland Gathering will be on in August, though it might look different than it has in the past), and we'll be back on the road together eventually. This podcast, so far as we can tell, will continue. Our hope is that by starting to put out episodes a little early, we'll all get a bit more time together, and a bit more joy in the work.

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We're here for you. Stay safe, stay home, and stay (virtually) together.

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