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Episode 42 - Season 2 Conclusion

Episode 42 - Season 2 Conclusion

October 3, 2019

We're at the end of Season 2, but we have plans for hiatus and Season 3! We'll tell you all about them, and give you an idea of what it's been like for us to do this podcast for the past two seasons.

If you have ideas for future episodes, please send them to us, either via our Facebook page or via email. We really want to hear about what you're interested in, and we'll try and hit as many as we can on our trips. Plus, the trip we're taking to Harvest Nights next week is a pretty long drive, and we'll have our recorders!

If you're looking for a great festival to start the year with, consider the Trillium Spring Gathering, an ADF festival in Northern Virginia. We'll be there, and the first episode of Season 3 will land on the Thursday most of us will be traveling to Trillium, so give a listen while you drive!

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Episode 41 - Social Media Resources, Diversity, and Work

Episode 41 - Social Media Resources, Diversity, and Work

September 26, 2019

One of our big things in Three Cranes Grove, ADF, is that we love to create. After Rev. Crystal Groves' discussion of marketing and social media strategies at Trillium 2019, we had a discussion about the creative process, what it means to connect people to others, and what it's like to produce the words for the really hard things that happen in our lives.

We also talk about ensuring that people approaching Druidry are able to see themselves as valid, joyful participants in Druidry.

If you're interested in Rev. Avende's book, "The Spiraling Sun," you can find it on Amazon or at The Magical Druid. While Rev. Avende works on that Greek Oracle book (hint, hint), you can check out another awesome project that was just released, "The Hearth Keepers Way: An ADF Hearth Keepers Guide!"

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Episode 40 - (In)toning For Ritual

Episode 40 - (In)toning For Ritual

September 19, 2019

What is toning? How do you do it? What's it good for? What's the lamest joke you've heard all day? We have the answers to all these questions and more in this episode! This episode was recorded at Trillium 2019, on the way home (we very much recommend Trillium if you're looking for a festival early next year).

We're closing in on the end of our season, and running out of recorded material. But that's okay! We're developing an off-season plan so that you get more episodes and different content, plus new guests. And, we're headed to Harvest Nights in a few weeks, which is about 12 hours up and 12 hours back, so we'll have a lot of time to record and get new topics in.

If you have topic suggestions, we'd love to hear them. Send us email or shoot us a message on our Facebook page. As always, find us at threecranes.org/podcast and learn more about Druidry at adf.org.

Episode 39 - Multifaith Household Religion

Episode 39 - Multifaith Household Religion

September 12, 2019

Sometimes, Druids flying to festivals get picked up by Druids in cars, and that's where this conversation comes from: Rev. Avende was picking up people on their way to Summerland 2019, and took Melitta Stafford with her, which led to this conversation about creating family traditions in a multifaith household.

There's a wide-ranging conversation covering different ways we come to Paganism, how our virtues interact with householding, different family structures, and the ways that polytheism and Paganism lend themselves to creating structures that aren't traditional but are still amazing.

Find more of Melitta's work at Druid in the Grove.

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Episode 38 - Founding and Disbanding a Druid Grove

Episode 38 - Founding and Disbanding a Druid Grove

September 5, 2019

We had the pleasure of interviewing Arthur at Trillium 2019 about his experiences with starting, and then disbanding, a Grove that never took firm root. Hemlock Vales Protogrove, ADF, lasted for about three years in State College, PA, before it was disbanded. This interview is a sort of post-mortem on what happened several years ago.

Too often, we talk about what works for getting a group off the ground, but we don't always remember to talk about when it's time to close that group down and move on.

This conversation is about reflecting on what went right, what didn't go right, and what lessons we can take from those experiences, years on. The creation, maintenance, and disbanding of Hemlock Vales can help us all as we look at where our own Groves and groups are going... and help us decide if they are thriving or if we're just being overly hopeful.

If you want to dive deeper into the discussion, we recommend his blog: One Pagan Group - Some Assembly Required.

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Episode 37 - Summerland 2019 Review

Episode 37 - Summerland 2019 Review

August 29, 2019

On the way home from the 2019 Summerland Festival, Rev. Dangler spoke with Jacque of The Pagan Peddler about the weekend and what went well, ranging from ritual to the setting of god post in the nearby woods. The festival was great, and we really enjoyed ourselves.

You might remember Jacque from our interview after Wellspring 2019 (Episode 26). We're happy to have her back!

We're starting to wrap up this season, but we hope that you're enjoying these episodes. If you do, consider rating our podcast on iTunes, Stitcher, or whatever service you listen on.

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Episode 36 - Recording Ritual

Episode 36 - Recording Ritual

August 22, 2019

Our Grove is known for our video work and presenting Pagan ritual, and Rev. Avende and Rev. Dangler talk about what it's like to pull all these videos together.

What's it like to take an omen for a recorded ritual that will later be edited? What's it like to record rituals in disparate parts while geographically dispersed? What's it like to livestream a rite?

We talk about Rev. Davin's solitary ritual work (example video linked), the work of Rev. Amber Doty with the ADF Clergy Council videos (example video linked), and of course, a lot of the fun things that we create.

If you're interested in our Grove's video work, check out our YouTube page, 3CGVideos. You can find the Woodland Blessing video from the ADFDruidry channel, too. If you're interested in videos that show a really wide variety of ADF-style Druidry, check out the 3CG Favorites playlist on YouTube, which gathers many videos from Grove, personal, and group accounts across YouTube; you'll find some really neat stuff there.

We of course encourage you to subscribe to the ADF Druidry YouTube channels like ours.

Headed to Beyond the Gates festival today? Travel safely!

Episode 35 - Becoming Pagan

Episode 35 - Becoming Pagan

August 15, 2019

What does the journey to Paganism look like? It's different for us all, and Rev. Avende and Rev. Dangler compare their journeys, talking about their experiences with religion, the things that led them to this path, and how it affected (and eventually entwined) their lives in unexpected ways.

Everyone comes to their spirituality in a different way, walking their own path. Know that it's valid, however you came to your place in the cosmos.

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Episode 34 - Dublin Irish Festival 2019 (In Three Parts)

Episode 34 - Dublin Irish Festival 2019 (In Three Parts)

August 8, 2019

Each year, Three Cranes Grove, ADF, does a Sunday Morning Druid Service for the Dublin Irish Festival. The attendance ranges from about 200 to 350 people each year, depending on weather and a few other factors. This year, we drew 248 to the service, and the attendees come from all walks of life: this is a truly mainstream event and a diverse crowd of folks.

We decided to record our experience in three parts for you to get an idea of what it's like to put on a ritual of this sort. We recorded after our dress rehearsal on Thursday, then in the car on the way to the rite (twice, thanks to a forgetful bard who forgot her coffee... among other important things), and finally on the way home from the rite.

You can watch our archived livecast from this year on the Three Cranes Facebook page (Like & Subscribe while there, if you'd like).

You can watch past DIF rites on our YouTube page, 3CGVideos (and an edited 2019 will eventually appear there, too, or you can watch a playlist of pre-DIF music). You can, of course, subscribe to our YouTube channel to get updates when we post new content there, too!

If you want to join us for one of these, consider attending the Dublin Irish Festival next year. It was certainly a joyful time for us!

Episode 33 - The Dark Night Of the Soul In Polytheism

Episode 33 - The Dark Night Of the Soul In Polytheism

August 1, 2019

Today, Rev. Jan Avende and Mike Bierschenk come together to discuss the idea of being left alone and adrift in the spiritual world. They talk about what it's like to experience doubt in their spiritual lives, what it's like to work through the cycle, and how they pull themselves out.

As an incidental bonus, there's some interesting discussion about the nuances between sea deities in different cultures (Poseidon and Manannan) and how they impact those experiences.

This episode is recorded outside at Wellspring 2019, so there's no road noise, but please excuse the airplane that flies by: the background birdsongs will return once it goes by.