Bonus Episode 4 - #PrayerADay

November 1, 2018

November 1st starts our #PrayerADay challenge, and it's a Thursday, so we're releasing (by the skin of our teeth) an episode where Rev. Avende discusses the history behind the challenge, and how you can participate!

You can join the #PrayerADay Facebook group if you want to write, follow the fun on the #PrayerADay Project Facebook Page if you just want to read, or follow @adfdruidry on Tumblr to see the posts scheduled out.

Season One of our podcast is mostly over with the festival season coming to a close, but we have some stuff still in the can! We have a few bonus episodes to release, often with special guests, so do keep on listening and subscribing, and keep circulating the tapes to anyone who might not have heard them yet. You can always find us at and on our Facebook Page.

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Bonus Episode 3 - Space Druidry!

September 13, 2018

What does it mean to have an Earth-Based Spirituality when we're very far from our home planet?

Originally recorded before this podcast ever came into being, Rev. Avende and Rev. Dangler had the chance to sit down with Rev. Rob Henderson at the ADF Clergy Retreat in October 2017 and discuss just that.

Of all the people we could talk to about this, Rev. Henderson is the person we most wanted to chat with, and we're so glad we did. The topic is silly, but serious, and an ideal representation of the sort of weird things ADF Priests think about when they have time to shoot the breeze at a festival.

So join us as we chat with Rev. Henderson about Space Druidry!

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Episode 17 - A Manhood Rite For Transition

September 6, 2018

Today, we interview Corbin once again at Summerland, asking him about his impressions of the manhood rite Three Cranes Grove, ADF, did for him as part of his transition, and how he was welcomed as a man into the Grove.

This is an important discussion for us because it deals with both the design of transition rituals for trans individuals, and the necessity of welcoming and acceptance of a "new-to-us" gender identity among a community of people.

Some colorful language appears, though it is bleeped in this version of the podcast.

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Bonus Episode 2 - Mythic History and Our Grove Poem

August 30, 2018

With Rev. Dangler attending Beyond the Gates this weekend (he's a Druid in a plane, going to a festival), we're releasing another bonus episode today. This episode discusses Three Cranes Grove, ADF's, Grove Poem, Clutiā Trion Garanonon: "The Fame of Three Cranes".

About three years in, we wanted to commemorate our history in a creative, fun way. Rev. Hunt had the brilliant idea to use a poem that we could add to each year and speak at each anniversary rite.

We'll chat about how we craft each stanza (poetry by committee!), what it means to us, and how we've managed its length over the years.

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Episode 16 - Gender Nonconformity In Druidry

August 23, 2018

At Summerland 2018, we sat down (not in our car, but in the pavilion) with Corbin to discuss gender nonconformity among the spirits, and how we can make our language and work more inclusive. It was an excellent discussion, and one we've been hoping to have for a long while.

This is the first part of two conversations with Corbin on this general topic.

This episode contians a discussion about human body parts in vision and in art. There is also some profanity that has been bleeped.

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Bonus Episode 1 - Praise Silly and Sincere

August 16, 2018

While our hosts are at the Summerland Festival, we thought we'd regale you with a bit of our lighter side of the work we like to do: some praise, both silly and sincere.

This is our first "Bonus Episode," so we call out to the being we've sometimes called, "King of the Internet": Garanus, the Crane. If anyone can help us, it's that liminal, long-necked waterbird.

Also given praise in these short recordings: The Bovine Earth Mother, Potatoes, and Redheaded Hotties.

Also, we include a meditative charm to put a toddler to sleep. After all, we're all about threading the needle between "useful" and "serious" around here.

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Episode 15 - Returning to Vocation

August 9, 2018

With a larger gathering of ADF Priests, Rev. Avende took the opportunity to return to the issue of vocation at the 2018 ADF Western Clergy Retreat. Revs. Melissa Ashton, William Ashton, Sara Blackwelder, and Lauren Mart all discuss their experiences with vocation and what it feels like to them, as well as how they have found nuance and depth in the work.

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Next week is the Summerland Festival, starting on Thursday. We hope to see you there!


Episode 14 - Loneliness & Geographic Isolation

August 2, 2018

At the 2018 Western Clergy Retreat, Revs. Jan Avende, Melissa Ashton, Sara Blackwelder, Lauren Mart, and Kirk Thomas sat down to talk about what it feels like to be geographically isolated and doing work, both before and after ordination as an ADF Priest. They discuss a variety of issues they've encoutered, talk about the differences between different parts of the country, and consider a few strategies to make the distance seem less wide and impossible to cross.

One of the suggestions they make is to seek out a festival. Consider one of the following ADF festivals that are upcoming: Summerland (Ohio, Aug. 16-20, 2018), Beyond the Gates (Washington State, Aug. 30 - Sept. 2, 2018), or Midnight Flame (Michigan, Sept. 6-9, 2018). At least one of us will be at each of these festivals. (And we'll be recording future episodes, trying to bring even more voices into the mix!)

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Episode 13 - Ritual Bloopers & Fails

July 26, 2018

Lucky number 13 brings us to a discussion from the Western Clergy Retreat about Ritual Bloopers and Fails! Rev. Avende sat down with several ADF Priests to discuss just how human they really are, and hear some of their best (worst) stories about how things went terribly wrong in ritual, and how they managed to keep the ritual going when it happened.

Rev. Avende is joined in this episode by Rev. Melissa Ashton, Rev. William Ashton, Rev. Sara Blackwelder, Rev. Lauren Mart, and Rev. Kirk Thomas, and each shares a story (or two) about the things that stand out in their memory as the key bloopers of their lives as Priests and celebrants of ritual.

Tune in, enjoy the laughter, and listen stories of high-flying acrobatics, trees being knocked over, wells shattering upon the stones, and (of course) things catching on fire (unintentionally)!

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Episode 12 - The Bardic Livecasts

July 19, 2018

Driving home from one of the Bardic Live Casts we do (which is archived on Facebook, if you'd like to watch), Rev. Avende and I had an opportunity to talk about the experience. We cover a range of topics, from the spaces we've worked in to why we've moved away from livecasting public ritual and toward more interesting work.

You'll get some background on how our bards came together as a group, and how we decided to start giving these concerts... and what feeds us about the process, too.

So ride along with us as we chat about some of our behind-the-scenes work in our Grove.

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Our next livecast will be the Dublin Irish Festival ritual on August 5, 2018, at around 9:30 AM Eastern.