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Episode 24 - Wellspring Review

Episode 24 - Wellspring Review

May 30, 2019

On the way home from Wellspring 2019, Rev. Dangler gave a solo review of the event, providing a quick recap of the weekend along with a short preview of things to come. This is a short episode, but we wanted to get one out in a timely manner.

In the early part of the review, Rev. Dangler offers his prayer to the Shining Ones from the reinstallation of Rev. Jean "Drum" Pagano as ADF Archrdruid. Here's the text of that evocation:

From deep in the dark, cool earth,
A shining light arises.
It brings the voice of underworld rivers
Burbling to the surface.
When we speak oaths, you carry them.
Hear our voices, Shining Chthonic Ones!

From growing green and living city,
A shining light awakens.
It brings the joy of new hope and promise
To fulfillment.
When we speak praise, you grow it.
Hear our voices, Shining Ones of the Land!

From firmament of stars and dawn’s first fingers,
A shining light descends.
It brings the order of the cosmos into focus,
Lighting our way.
When we speak truth, you lift it high.
Hear our voices, Godden of Order and Cosmos!

Shining Ones, Accept our Offering!

Wellspring happens each Memorial Day Weekend near Cleveland, Ohio. You should consider joining us in the future.

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Episode 23 - Magic That Works

Episode 23 - Magic That Works

May 23, 2019

Magical healing, magic to improve a mother's milk, cheese-magic for conception, magic for a toddler's tooth-tiger teething troubles: we've got practical experiences with magic that has worked in our lives, and we love to share those experiences!

Dig through a few ancient texts for solutions to modern problems with us. You never know what you'll find!

We're at Wellspring this weekend (Memorial Day weekend), and we hope you'll come find us if you're there, too. We're intending to record, so if you've got a hot topic and want to record with us, find us and sit down for a minute!

If you're interested in the cheese spell from this episode and it isn't showing up in the show notes on your device, you can find it at the end of the descriptive post on our Podbean site.

Find us on Facebook, visit us at threecranes.org/podcast, or learn more about Druidry at threecranes.org or adf.org.

Depending on how recording goes, we may not release an episode for the last week of May. If we don't, expect us to pick up again the first Thursday in June!

And don't accept cheese from strangers, kids.

Cheese Spell

Episode 22 - Am I Good Enough For This?

Episode 22 - Am I Good Enough For This?

May 16, 2019

We all sometimes have questions about our worth, whether we are new to Paganism or old hands. It doesn't really matter how long you've practiced or what you've accomplished, sometimes, you second-guess yourself.

Today, we talk a bit about our experiences with not feeling like we're good enough to do the work, popularly called "imposter syndrome," and how we meet it, manage it, and experience it.

So, join us as we travel from festival to festival. We'd love to have you as part of our conversation.

Find us on Facebook, visit us at threecranes.org/podcast, and learn more about Druidry at threecranes.org and adf.org.

Episode 21 - The Oracular Spectacular!

Episode 21 - The Oracular Spectacular!

May 9, 2019

Welcome to the Oracular Spectacular!

Revs. Avende and Dangler chat about a seership group Rev. Avende is part of here in Columbus, Ohio. Called "The Oracular Spectacular" and dedicated to bringing divination to the public while sharpening their own skills, the crew have a unique working process that is open to all.

This episode is a crossover episode from another podcast called The Pagan Gumbo Podcast. Working out of The Magical Druid, the shop co-owned by Rev. Dangler, we talk about broad Pagan topics and have a lot of fun with a larger cast and no road noise. This episode is a dyed-in-the-wool Druids In Cars episode, though, so you'll be used to those things.

We hope you enjoy. Find us on Facebook, check us out at threecranes.org/podcast, or learn more about Druidry at threecranes.org or adf.org. You can find out more about Pagan Gumbo, The Magical Druid, and Nui Cobalt Designs at their respective sites, too.

Episode 20 - Fire Scrying

Episode 20 - Fire Scrying

May 2, 2019

One of the cool things we got to do at the ADF Trillium Gathering this year was offer an uncommon form of divination during the main rite: fire scrying.

This divination method involves seeking symbols in a burning ritual fire. In our case, the main ritual fire at Trillium, which has received our offerings and transformed the for the Spirits.

Fire scrying is an "open" type of divination, rather than a "closed" type. Closed divination systems have a fixed number of symbols that appear in generally (though not always) predictable arrangements. Scrying in general, and fire scrying in particular, relies on the inner language of the seer to produce meaningful experience that can be translated into something understandable by those receiving the reading.

You'll hear the actual audio from the ritual, plus a discussion that we had about our process and experiences with fire scrying in the past.

So come, join us on this trip, and enjoy the ride.

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To learn more about Druidry, visit Threecranes.org or ADF.org.

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