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June 28, 2018

As we move through the year, you'll find a number of our episodes come from festivals, rituals, and other special events. We're organizing them here by event so you can more easily figure out what we were going to (or coming from) when we recorded the episode, and so you can seriously consider going to one of these in the future!

N.B.: Not all titles will be released yet, so this page may serve as a "sneak peak" of things that are coming up.

Trillium Spring Gathering

Hosted by a number of ADF Groves in the Southeast Region, this event is held in Cross Junction, Virginia, usually the third weekend in April. Trillium is the classic ADF festival, full of good friends and good conversation, and it's no wonder to us why we had the idea for this podcast to start here.

Visit the Trillium website and consider joining us for the next one!

Episodes around Trillium:

Rev. Mart's Ordination (2018)

At Nine Waves Grove, ADF's, May Day rite, Rev. Lauren Mart was ordianed. Rev. William Ashton and Rev. Mart joined Rev. Jan Avende in a series of discussions about what it's like to be on the cusp of priesthood in ADF.

Visit the Nine Waves Grove, ADF, website!

Episodes around Rev. Mart's Ordination

  • TBD

Wellspring Gathering

Hosted by Stone Creed Grove, ADF, this event takes place at Tredara, just a little northeast of Cleveland, Ohio, each Memorial Day Weekend.

Visit the Wellspring website!

Episodes around Wellspring:

The ADF Clergy Retreat

Each year, the ADF Clergy get together to do ritual (and administrative) work. While a lot of the discussions that happen within the retreat remain unreleased, the discussions that surround the retreat are fair game. Because we do a lot of work together, there's a lot of interesting things that crop up.

Visit ADF.Org for more information on Druidry!

Episodes around the ADF Clergy Retreat:

  • Special Bonus Episode 1: Space Druidry! (with Rev. Avende, Rev. Dangler, and Rev. Rob Henderson) (2017)


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