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Episode 54 - Synthesizing Experience and Lore

June 11, 2020

How do you navigate your personal experiences and the lore of ancient Pagans? We'll explore the interplay of ancient lore and unverified personal gnosis (also called "UPG").

We talk a bit about how we developed some of our Grove traditions, drawing items out of the lore and iconography of Gaul and into our modern practice.

We even get a bit into "Shared Personal Gnosis" and a new concept, "Singularly Attributed Gnosis," or "SAG." You can find a bit of an expansion on the concept of SAG on Rev. Dangler's YouTube page.

Rev. Avende's Anahita Summer Solstice Rite can be found on their YouTube page.

Also mentioned in this episode is the book, From Saga's Hall: Norse Myths From a Different Point of View by Susan C. Eaves. It's a nifty retelling of the myths.

Oh! If you missed last week's Animal Crossing: New Horizons livestreamed ritual, you can catch a replay on the 3CG YouTube page.

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