Druids In Cars, Going To Festivals

Episode 25 - Extemporaneous Prayer Challenge!

June 6, 2019

Do you wonder how an ADF Priest prepares for and creates ritual prayers in a seemingly "off the cuff" sort of way? Rev. Avende and Rev. Dangler talk a bit about their process, and each also creates three extemporaneous prayers to different deities.

We agreed in advance: no preparation or editing in post allowed! You get the full extent of our inspiration during the prayers.

The godden we pray to are as follows:

  • Rev. Dangler - Uṣás, Vedic goddess of Dawn
  • Rev. Avende - Uṣás, Vedic goddess of Dawn
  • Rev. Dangler - Esus, Gaulish god from the Nautes Pillar
  • Rev. Avende - Hestia, Greek goddess of the Hearth
  • Rev. Dangler - Agni, Vedic god of Fire
  • Rev. Avende - Anāhitā, the Avestan Mother of Waters

(We both like Uṣas a lot.)

Ride along with us as we head to and from the various festivals. This one was recorded at the Trillium Spring Gathering 2019.

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