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Episode 71 - Liminal Spaces

Episode 71 - Liminal Spaces

April 28, 2021

Liminal spaces are points or areas that are "betwixt and between" states. On foot today, we wandered past a bog, and it got us thinking about the sorts of places we've encountered that were "in between" different experiences, and what it's like to work through them, and visit them. There's a bit of travel remembrance and a bit of travel planning that goes on, too!

A couple of worthwhile notes on this episode:

  1. At one point, one of our microphones drops out, so there's a quality change in the last half of the episode.
  2. The lyric Michael can't quite recall from Scarborough Fair is: "Tell him to find me an acre of land / between the salt water and desert strand," or some variation thereof (the traditional wording changes).
  3. For the mentioned discussion about Cryptids and other "Weird Druidry" topics, check out Episode 28 of our podcast.

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Episode 70 - Hybrid Experimentation: A Pandemic Ritual Recovery

Episode 70 - Hybrid Experimentation: A Pandemic Ritual Recovery

April 22, 2021

This past weekend, Three Cranes Grove, ADF, took our first steps toward reopening our public ritual practice: we conducted a small, semi-private hybrid ritual, where folks attended in person (masked and socially distanced) and remotely.

On their way out to our Cutios (Rain Moon) ritual, Revs. Avende and Dangler discussed their preparations, and the basics of the setup for the ritual, along with what they hoped it would be like. Then, on the way back, they looked a bit critically at what worked, and what they found most interesting about the format after being away from public ritual for so long.

Intercut into this episode are a few audio examples of how the rite sounded (an artifact of the recording process), which will let you hear how the priests worked in (and how the folk responded to) the immediate pandemic experience that was at the top of their minds.

Our hope, as a Grove, is that as other pagan groups reopen (locally and distantly), some of our experiences might serve to help them build a plan to serve their communities in a safe, careful manner.

Find us on Facebook, check our our Grove at threecranes.org, and learn more about Druidry at adf.org. We can't wait to see you again soon.

Episode 69 - Ritual Preparation

Episode 69 - Ritual Preparation

April 15, 2021

How do we start preparing for ritual, in both physical and spiritual ways? How is it different for us when we do group ritual and persona ritual? How can we simplify it and make it easier to get out the door, even in these weird pandemic times?

Today, we take a walk in the woods, as there aren't quite festivals to go to yet in our cars, and go over how we prep for various ritual scenarios. It was a good conversation that has us ready for more.

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