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Episode 82 - Kindling Sparks: An Interview With Rev. Avende

Episode 82 - Kindling Sparks: An Interview With Rev. Avende

August 26, 2021

Did you know that one of our co-hosts, Rev. Avende, has published a children's education book? They did! It's called Kindling Sparks: A Religious Education Program for Young Pagans, and it's been available for a bit now through Rev. Avende's Patreon, and it's now been released as a book!

Today, we interview Rev. Avende and talk about the process of bringing this program to life; it's development in early 2020 through today, and the path it's taken through testing and community work.

You can pick up a copy of Kindling Sparks through Garanus Publishing on Lulu, at The Magical Druid, or wherever fine books are sold!

You can also find their first book, The Spiraling Sun: A Winter Solstice Liturgy at The Magical Druid.

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Episode 81 - Magical Work-Life Balance

Episode 81 - Magical Work-Life Balance

August 19, 2021

Finally on our way to and from a festival, even it it was virtual, Revs. Avende and Dangler are on their way out to the site of our broadcasted Summerland Unity Rite for a Druid Moon, and they spend some time discussing how they balance the religious and magical lives they lead with their mundane lives.

They also get stuck in traffic at a tomato festival, because, well, what's life without a little unplanned weirdness.

Summerland was great, though all online. If you're interested in a great online festival experience, we'll recommend Beyond the Gates, a festival happening over Labor Day weekend, and you can still register and see their presenters!

Our next in-person festival, if everything works out, will be Charter Oak's Harvest Nights. It would be really great if we could see you there, probably masked, but we're anxious to have it be in person again.

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